I’m Iqbal km

a Creative Designer &

now located in Qatar.

I have been working with digital products. Making user's interaction easier. Getting inspired by new technologies and creative design trends.

In my young days I used to play chess. I still remember developing a strategy that lured the enemy into taking a bait. The bait was what seemed to be a stupid move leading to the loss of a figure. Taking the bait was an unavoidable loss.

Certainly this little chess story is reflecting me in my work progress. I enjoy creative problem solving. The process getting to the solution is what I enjoy doing the most.

Why should we work with you?

Simple answer. The experience of designing products of any scale. Real Products. And I'am here to help your design things with long-lasting branding value on your customers.

Hit me up!

Always keen to explore new cultures, people, experiences and challenges. I believe in that more than starting with a digital wireframe.